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Banbury & District Aunt Sally League

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Last Updated 25th February 2020




1) The league shall be called “The Banbury & District Aunt Sally League”.

2) The committee of Management of the above mentioned League will consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and a quorum of not less than five representatives from registered teams with the said league. Chairman to have casting vote. Also a separate committee headed by the chairman to deal with any disciplinary matters arising during the season.

3) The games shall be played: Eight (8) players each side. Game to be of three (3) legs; one point each leg won.

3A) Captains to toss for the first leg. The winning Captain has the choice of the first leg; the losing Captain has the choice of second leg. Captains to toss again for the choice of the third leg. All three stick throw-offs to be tossed for. In the event of a drawn leg, the said leg must be decided by a throw-off, which will be three sticks each player, even if more than one throw off is required. Each leg to be finished before commencement of the next leg.

3B) In the event of teams tying for first or second place on points in the final league tables, the places will be decided by a throw off. To be played the best of three legs on a neutral venue date & venue to be decided by the committee.

4) The pitch must be ten (10) yards long from the doll to the throwing point. The doll shall be two feet six inches (2’6”) from the ground and placed on a vertical swivel stand. The swivel to stand out six inches (6”), the end of which must be rounded off.

5) The time of starting all games shall be 8.30 p.m. sharp. PLAYERS REQUIRING PRACTICE MUST ARRIVE IN ADEQUATE TIME PRIOR TO 8.30p.m. In the event of a full team not being present at 8.30 p.m. the game shall start. Late players who have been nominated may take their throw in the remaining legs to be played, if arriving before the toss of the coin for the said leg. Any team not turning up to a match to forfeit the three points, which will be given to their opponents.

5A) League matches to be played every week on said date. In the case of wet weather, matches may only be re-arranged if both captains agree to postpone the match, i.e. unless both captains agree the match must be played. The game can only be called off at 8.30 p.m. on the home teams pitch Any team failing to turn up to a match will on the first occasion be fined. Failing to turn up on a second occasion shall mean automatic suspension from the league for the remainder of that season. Teams entering cup matches and not turning up, home or away to a cup match without giving the secretary or competition secretary 48 hours notice will be fined. Teams cancelling to forfeit the match.

5B) In the event of a match being abandoned, the captains shall agree on a replay and must inform the secretary of the re-arranged date. All replays must be played within two weeks of abandoned matches. In the event of teams failing to agree, a date when the match must be played will be set by the secretary. Any team failing to play on this date to forfeit the points and may face action from the league. AWAY TEAMS TO ATTEND IN ANY EVENT INCLUDING WET WEATHER.

6) Umpires to be agreed by both captains. When a doll falls the umpire must clearly and sensibly call doll or iron. Umpires decision must be final. Registered players only to umpire.

7) Each member of the team shall throw six sticks and must throw under-arm; both feet must be behind the line when the stick leaves the players hand. No alterations to this rule to be made on account of players age or sex. Every effort must be made to make pitches as level as possible, with adequate lighting. All of the pitch must be lit including the throwing area. Pitches to be kept clear while game is in progress and no interference with the opposing side either verbal or otherwise, must be made during throwing. The “picker-up” for the throwing team to stand at least two feet from the iron.

8) The winning captain will be responsible for sending the result card to the Results Secretary, which must be received by the following Monday after the match; failing to do so will result in the winning team forfeiting their points unless the secretary is satisfied the result card was posted in reasonable time; the post date being the deciding factor.

9) All teams and players to be registered with the League Secretary. Teams and players to pay registration fees before the start of each season. The amount to be agreed on at the A.G.M., which will be held at the beginning of each year. Notice of the A.G.M. must be at least one calendar month before the meeting. The deposit for a new team will be £8.00. The amount a team will fined is up to £20.00.

9A) In the event of a player signing for a team and not getting a game they may apply to the League Secretary for a transfer; not allowed after a player has played for a team in any match.

9B) Any Captain signing a result card knowing it to be false will be suspended for the rest of the season. Any team playing an unregistered player in a match will forfeit any points gained in the match and disciplinary action may also be taken by the committee of management.

9C) A minimum of eight players must be signed on for each team at the registration meeting. If a team does not start the season, the players on their registration form will not be allowed to sign or play for any other team for the first six matches of the season. Teams may continue to sign on players up to the half way point of the season. All players must have signed on at least forty eight hours before any match they play in.

9D) If a team after no more than three matches withdraws from the league, their players may apply to join another team. Consent to sign for another team is at the discretion of the committee.

9E) Voting for any issue at the A.G.M. will be on a “one team – one vote” principle.

10) All sticks must be eighteen inches in length, made from natural wood and rounded. Dolls must be of regulation size (6” high) made of natural wood and painted white.

11) Any team not turning up to collect trophies on presentation night will be fined £20.00 unless the committee are given a satisfactory explanation.

12) Any rule not covered shall be dealt with by the committee of management whose decision will be final.